Cyber Hornets Colony Club

  • Strong Utility Based NFTs Generated From Over 340 Traits Resulting in 8,888 Total Collection with Buzzing Community
  • Cyber Hornet NFT Access Passes for Exclusive Content, Comics, Story/Lore, and More Perks Inside the Club
  • Strong Partnerships including LandVault for The Hornetverse, Unique Comics With Numbered NFTs in Scenes
  • Unmatched Story Lore. Comic Book Quality Scenes. Immersive Experience. Bitcoin Inspired, Ethereum Based. Join Discord to Learn a Whole Lot More


Story, Art, and Community first. The Cyber Hornets Colony Club is a collectible brand with 8,888 unique ERC-721 non-fungible token art pieces (NFTs) with public proof of ownership and authenticity stored on the Ethereum Blockchain. The Cyber Hornet art pieces are designed from scratch and randomly generated from over 340 unique traits. Owning a comic book style Cyber Hornet not only grants membership to join our growing Colony you'll also receive access to future benefits and fun within the Hornet Colonies for all those seeking that Hornet Life.

You can begin by following the Cyber Hornet website and Discord channel and allows for all-inclusive access to our expanding swarm. There are also tiered benefits to owning hornets. Owning 1+ Hornet gives you the basic access level, while the next tiers are ownership of 8+, 25+, and 88+ hornets.

You wont find another swarm like this one. Cyber Hornets are using a fair pricing model at .08 ETH for everyone. Membership starts at the same price for all, and a maximum of 8 hornets will be allowed to be minted per wallet.

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The Cyber Hornets collectibles were inspired by the now-infamous Michael Saylor tweet, "#Bitcoin is a swarm of cyber hornets serving the goddess of wisdom, feeding on the fire of truth, exponentially growing ever smarter, faster, and stronger behind a wall of encrypted energy."

Our hive mind mentality is similarly minded and The Queen believes NFT collectors, artists, and the greater NFT community are an incredible force capable of changing the world. Her Majesty is extremely excited about launching these art pieces made by her incredible designers and imagineers.

What's more, is that The Cyber Hornets Colony Club is an immersive world called the Hornetverse action-packed with deep Hornet Story Lore. The Queen hopes to teach humans about her world, recruit as many as possible, and spread awareness about NFTs until they are considered mainstream with the hive mindset.



While we love new Recruits to our growing community, we provide a dedicated space for Hornet owners.


Flex off to all your friends with the most epic Profile Picture NFT art, and immerse yourself into deep Hornet Lore within Discord.


Our access based NFTS are packed with Utility, Giveaways, Special Limited Edition Drops, Scavenger Hunts and a lot of fun inside The Club.


Unmatched Story Lore. Comic book quality scenes. Hornet Colonies. And a whole lot more.


The Queen has requested your presence in the Hornet’s Nest. She invites you to join the colony. "You take the blue pill...the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the Hornets Nest goes." Owning 1 Hornet gets you in the Club, owning 100 makes you a Legend.

25% - The Collective consciousness begins, people from all over join together for one cause, protecting the Queen and advancing the Hornet Colonies. Join us and spread the word about The Cyber Hornets. New opportunities to defend The Queen, advance the Swarm, and join The Club for verified Hornet owners.

50% - Swarm intelligence kicks into full gear and we begin to operate more and more as one decentralized, self-organized system. The community is engaged and various Swarm Missions are carried out to continue the growth of The Hive.

75% - Whispers turn into shouts, things are getting fun with Hornet people buzzing far and wide about the Colonies and spreading Her Majesty's word. The mainstream world takes notice in a big way, and The Hive cannot be ignored.

100% - This is just the beginning. The Queen will be at her most powerful, her Guards will be fully charged, High Hornet Council tagged in, and the 8 Colonies will be fully formed. Everything is possible at this point for our crossbred, robotics-fused Cyber Hornet Colony Club.



The Queen

Originator of The Hive, Creator of all, Her Royal Majesty. The Queen and her 3 sisters are the most powerful in the Hornetverse.


Head of Hornet Operations. While Luke is known as the funniest Hornet in the Hornetverse, he is able to run the day to day operations of all Hornet-things.

The Buzz

Magician when it comes to Marketing. As Head of Marketing & Communications, he surely knows how to make sure Hornets are buzzing about important matters.

Crypto Rex

Most dogs bark is worse than their bite. Not in this case! Rex is an experienced Superhornet with NFT upbringings capable of great feats and packs a mean punch.


If you have a math or Hornet-money need, Kenn.eth is your Hornet. Can calculate equations and count money faster than any known Hornet-calculator in The Hornetverse.


Para is known as Hornet-Yoda, wise beyond his years and is able to consult on a variety of topics. A true maximalist of that Hornet life. Heard chanting "Up only" at all hours of the night.


The great communicator, organizer of things, and technical executor of Hornet communication devices.

Horath The Hornet

Rumor is he was born with a paintbrush in his hand. Capable of great feats of design.

Cow Hornet

Hornets aren't chatterboxes but Cow Hornet is. He can talk up anyone, even Zombie-Hornets which in the afterlife aren't known to talk much...


Hornet marketing is not easy, one has to endure multiple Stings weekly with angry Hornet customers.


These Gold Hornets are known to be more Robot than Hornet. They can develope and code complicated systems at the flick of a wing.


As The Queens Sommelier, he travels far and wide for wine to make sure The Queen has only the best in the land. One of the most connected Hornets known to exist.


Bison brings order to the Hornets and helps keep things orderly ordered. But like his kind, he's an unmovable force that throws his weight as needed in many high level areas.


Sales & Marketing





Currently, after a successful mint completion, the only place to get Cyber Hornets are at OpenSea.

It varies on what a Collector would be willing to trade or sell you one for, see OpenSea.

Yes! Each Cyber Hornet is packed with extensive utility, as access and utility based NFTs. You can head over to our Discord to get the full run down of the amazing benefits that are part of being in the club.

CHCC (Cyber Hornets Colony Club) has a deep and immersive story lore currently found within our Discord. Our comic book quality art sets us out from the rest, as the new standard for quality. Story. Art. Community. These are our 3 leading priorities. We were inspired to create an NFT collection that's all about inclusion (Bitcoin inspired NFTs on Ethereum!)

Discord is where the most up to date information is kept. Please head over there and dive in!

Our design team was hard at work making over 340 traits to generate our art. They are then generated from those traits. There are four 1 of 1 Queen Hornets, and eight 1 of 1 Queen's Bodyguard Hornets. The rest of the 8888 (8876) are randomly generated from the layered traits. This method ensures there are some truly remarkable and rare random combos!

Yes! Ownership of Cyber Hornets is managed entirely on the Ethereum Blockchain. When you buy/acquire it, you own that Cyber Hornet, and can do (virtually) anything you want with it within reason.

Discord and Twitter are your best bet! Message an Admin on Discord, or DM the Twitter account.